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African Pompano

Unveil the majesty of the African Pompano, a prized catch revered for its strength and delectable flesh. Thriving amidst the depths, these remarkable fish grace the waters from November to February, offering an exhilarating challenge for seasoned anglers.

Embark on the ultimate angling expedition with our Full Day Offshore Charters, tailored to seek out these elusive treasures. Master the art of Fishing the Wrecks, employing smaller live baits and jigs to entice these magnificent creatures.

African Pompano Fishing

Venture into the realm of African Pompano, distinguished companions to Amberjack amidst the reefs and wrecks. Towering over their inshore counterparts, these Pompano can exceed 30 pounds, showcasing formidable strength despite their size. With silvery round bodies and a penchant for flashy stimuli, they prowl the depths, often intercepting jigs intended for other species.

Where to Catch African Pompano

Discover the preferred haunts of African Pompano, displaying remarkable versatility in their depth preferences. From depths as shallow as 30 feet on the reef to depths reaching 250 feet amidst wrecks, they exhibit a penchant for coastal waters within the temperature range of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Schooling in nature, these Pompano offer the promise of multiple hookups, particularly when baited strategically with live pilchards or cigar minnows.

Unravel the secrets of targeting African Pompano during specific seasons, leveraging live chumming techniques for enhanced success. Employing spinning tackle on the reef proves effective, while maintaining discretion with leader strength, avoiding anything exceeding 50lb fluorocarbon to evade their keen senses.

African Pompano Table Fare

Delight in the culinary splendor offered by African Pompano, as their thick, succulent meat tantalizes the taste buds with every bite. While larger specimens carry a slight risk of ciguatera poisoning, the reward of their intense fight and exquisite flavor renders them a prized delicacy. Despite their underrated status, African Pompano stand as a testament to the thrill and reward of angling in the waters of Miami.

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