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Fishing for barracudas

Peak Season: Summer
Best Charter: Half Day Offshore
Best Technique: Live Baiting, Throwing Artificials
Best Bait: Sardines
Table Fare: Decent but may have Ciguatera Poisoning


From the tranquil waters under the dock to the vast expanse of the open ocean, barracudas reign as aggressive hunters. Ranging from 5-pound babies in the backcountry to formidable 30+ pound monsters on the reef, these sleek predators are seriously underrated gamefish, offering loads of excitement on light tackle. Barracudas possess an insatiable appetite and have a penchant for just about any offering that appears alive. While we typically don’t specifically target barracudas, they often fall victim to our live baits set at different depths in the water column. They also frequently strike while trolling planers, especially near shipwrecks. With their sizable mouths and voracious appetites, barracudas can sometimes be a nuisance when targeting other gamefish, often intercepting half-caught bonitos or other species.


Hooking barracudas is relatively straightforward, requiring the use of wire leaders due to their ability to slice through monofilament leaders effortlessly. Fishing for barracudas with light spinning tackle provides the most exhilarating experience, as they are known to rip drag and embark on impressive runs, particularly in shallower waters where they can showcase their acrobatic prowess. A reliable method for locating barracudas is by locating bait schools, as these ruthless hunters are often in close pursuit. Casting lures into bait balls or along mangroves proves fruitful while fishing inshore, as does working structures like mangroves or dock edges.

Barracudas are truly remarkable gamefish, despite sometimes being perceived as a nuisance by seasoned anglers. Their powerful runs, acrobatic leaps, and explosive strikes make them an angler’s delight. What more could one ask for in a fishing experience?

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