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BLACKFIN TUNA: Sushi Delights

Embark on an unforgettable adventure targeting Blackfin Tuna, renowned for their sushi-grade meat, off the coast of Florida. With peak seasons spanning September to November and April to July, evening Blackfin Tuna charters offer prime opportunities to reel in these prized catches.


During spring, sizable schools of Blackfin Tuna migrate along Miami’s coastline, journeying north past Florida’s shores. Tuna fishing excursions in Miami predominantly rely on live bait tactics, enticing these discerning predators with the liveliest offerings. Employing live baits via kites and varying depths in the water column, equipped with 30lb fluorocarbon leaders and 4/0 light-wire circle hooks, ensures action-packed encounters. While early mornings may yield decent bites, evenings prove optimal for tuna fishing, particularly along the edge from depths of 100′ to 250′, where favorable currents abound.


Despite the allure of Blackfin Tuna, fishing charters encounter challenges, with Bonito, Kingfish, and Sailfish often vying for the same live baits and chum. Nonetheless, hooking into sizable Blackfin Tuna promises exhilarating battles, with these robust fighters descending deep into the water column. Fight durations hinge on tackle choices, with lighter gear providing thrilling encounters albeit longer battles. Opting for 30lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon leaders and 4/0 Owner Mutu Light wire circle hooks maximizes success rates, swiftly securing tuna strikes with their razor-sharp points.

While large Blackfin Tuna grace Miami’s waters during spring migrations, smaller specimens weighing 3-8 pounds remain year-round residents. Targeting these smaller tuna from depths of 150′ to 500′ using small feathers while trolling offshore South Florida ensures exciting light tackle action. With firm pink meat boasting delectable flavors, Blackfin Tuna offer versatile dining options, whether enjoyed plain, seared, or expertly crafted into sushi delights. Anticipate ample opportunities to bring home a bountiful catch, ready to savor as sushi or sashimi straight from the dock after a successful Miami fishing charter.

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