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Peak Season: March-August
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Trolling for Blue Marlin
Best Bait: Lure/Ballyhoo combinations
Table Fare: Poor compared to gamefishing value


In the vast expanse of the tropical Atlantic, blue and white marlins roam, their majestic forms a symbol of deep-sea adventure. While deep sea fishing off the coast of Miami, one can never dismiss the possibility of an encounter with a blue marlin. These magnificent creatures are known to follow the warm currents, often surfacing during the pursuit of prey. While trolling for dolphin or engaging in kite fishing for sailfish, one may unexpectedly find themselves locked in a battle with a marlin. Although encounters with marlins off the Miami coast are relatively rare, they do occur sporadically throughout the year. For a more consistent marlin fishing experience, anglers may find better luck just east in the Bahamas, particularly during the spring and summer months. Nevertheless, the waters off Miami hold the promise of surprise encounters with these majestic creatures.


As the waters warm and the pelagic species gather, blue marlins often join the fray, lured by the abundance of prey. Fishing for blue marlins in Miami is most fruitful around the full moon, particularly in the humps and canyons of the Gulf Stream. Trolling a dazzling array of lures and ballyhoo combinations, accompanied by dredges and teasers, can enhance the chances of enticing a marlin. However, landing one remains a formidable challenge. While blue marlins have been known to reach staggering weights exceeding 1000 pounds, those encountered off Miami typically weigh less, often under 500 pounds. Nonetheless, Double Threat Fishing Charters ensures preparedness with a robust 50w setup ready to deploy should the opportunity to hook a blue marlin arise. With their breathtaking acrobatics and formidable strength, encounters with marlins are unforgettable experiences. In the boundless expanse of our oceans, where nature reigns supreme, the possibility of a marlin encounter is always within reach.

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