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Peak Season: February-May
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Sight Fishing
Best Bait: Swimming Mackerel, Skipping Bonito
Table Fare: Excellent if in Season


Thanks to enhanced conservation measures, the presence of bluefin tuna migrating along our coastline has been steadily increasing each spring. While many boats have spotted these majestic fish while kite fishing along the edge, hooking into one remains a rare feat due to the prevalent use of light tackle year-round. The sporadic encounters with 500 to 1,000-pound behemoths often result in anglers being swiftly spooled on typical 20-pound test gear. In response to these challenges, we have equipped our vessels with heavier tackle options, including 80-wide or 130-pound combos, ready for action at all times.


In May of 2017, our persistence paid off when we encountered a bluefin cruising down the edge. With kites aloft and a few sailfish already on the hook, we swiftly cleared the lines and hastily trolled in front of the approaching tuna. A well-placed skipping bonito on the 130-pound setup ignited a battle that lasted three intense hours, resulting in the capture of an estimated 750-pound bluefin. This monumental achievement marked the first documented catch and release of a bluefin tuna off Miami, earning recognition in the August issue of Marlin Magazine. While luck certainly played a part, our preparedness for the encounter proved instrumental.


Given the rarity of bluefin sightings off Miami, dedicating charters specifically to target them for most of the year would yield limited success. Ideal conditions, such as a strong East or Northeast wind and Gulf Stream water close to the reef, are necessary for bluefin to venture near our coast. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant and prepared on every charter throughout the year, with rods at the ready and baits rigged, poised to capitalize on any potential encounters. With a stroke of luck, we aim to secure additional releases and further showcase the thrill of bluefin tuna fishing in Miami.

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