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Embark on an enduring pursuit of Bonefish, a year-round challenge awaiting anglers amidst the serene waters of Miami. Opt for the immersive experience of a Full Day Inshore Charter, where the art of finger channels and sight fishing unveils the elusive beauty of these prized gamefish.


Bonefish, revered for their cunning nature, have captivated anglers for generations with their elusive demeanor and spirited fights. While initially mistaken for mere bait fish, a single encounter with a Bonefish unveils their true allure. Inhabiting the shallows of Caribbean waters, Bonefish exhibit a diverse diet, feasting on shrimp, shellfish, and small bait fish while perpetually vigilant against lurking predators and potential threats.

Venture into the realm of Bonefish territory, where they roam the grass flats and shallow waters as shallow as 6 inches, evoking awe with their distinctive tailing behavior. Fishing for Bonefish demands finesse and skill, with anglers opting for light tackle to maximize the sport and cater to their cautious disposition.


Mastering the art of Bonefish angling requires patience and expertise, as these finicky creatures demand meticulous attention to detail. Explore the expansive waters of Biscayne Bay, renowned for harboring some of the Caribbean’s largest Bonefish specimens. Considerations such as water temperature, tide, and seasonality play pivotal roles in deciphering Bonefish behavior, requiring years of experience to master.

Traditionally, poling the flats and casting to schools of Bonefish remains a time-honored technique, while alternative methods such as working finger channels or chumming can yield success. Employing 10lb test with light fluorocarbon leader, anglers tempt Bonefish with fresh live shrimp or small jigs, ensuring precision in casting and presentation to entice these elusive gray ghosts.

Embark on a journey of discovery as you pursue Bonefish during inshore charters off Miami, where each encounter serves as a testament to the enduring allure of these magnificent creatures.

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