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Peak Season: September/October
Best Charter: Full Day Freshwater Fishing
Best Technique: Live Baiting
Best Bait: Golden Shiners
Table Fare: Catch and Release Only


Clown knifefish, an invasive species in South Florida, certainly stand out with their peculiar appearance. Originally native to Southeast Asia, these exotic predators have somehow found their way into our local waterways over the past decade.

Despite their unusual looks, clown knifefish are remarkable freshwater gamefish known for their surprising fighting abilities. They may not appear formidable, but they put up quite a struggle, often showcasing majestic jumps, long runs, deep dives, and even backward swimming.

Preferring dusk or dawn feeding sessions akin to tarpon, these fish can be caught throughout the day. While larger knifefish tend to be solitary, multiple hookups are rare. These elusive creatures are found only in select water bodies around Miami, but Captain Abie Raymond, an experienced inshore specialist and close friend, has mastered their pursuit.

If you’re eager to cross clown knifefish off your bucket list or explore other freshwater species in Miami, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to make your angling adventures unforgettable.

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