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Discover the thrill of chasing Cobia, formidable fighters renowned for their delectable flesh. With a peak season spanning from November to May, these prized catches await adventurous anglers seeking the ultimate offshore experience.

Unravel the secrets of Cobia fishing with our Full Day Offshore Charters, tailored to unleash the excitement of sight casting. Armed with live bait and jigs, embark on an exhilarating pursuit amidst the azure waters of Miami.


Cobia, masters of both inshore and offshore domains, roam the depths with unmatched versatility. During winter, witness the spectacle of Cobia pods migrating along shallow reefs and beaches, their distinctive dark hues contrasting against the sandy backdrop. Often trailing behind large southern stingrays, spotting these majestic creatures from the tower provides a strategic advantage. Cast live baits adorned with 4 ounces of lead ahead of the fish, employing braided line on a spinner equipped with 80-pound leader for optimum results.

Weighing between 10 and 50 pounds on average, Cobia boast impressive sizes, with larger specimens frequently encountered. Beyond their association with stingrays, Cobia exhibit a penchant for shadowing large sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, and leatherback turtles. Additionally, they may surprise anglers as by-catch while kite fishing for sailfish and tuna off Miami’s coast. Even amidst wreck fishing pursuits, Cobia eagerly intercept baits intended for snapper, grouper, and jacks.

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle as Cobia unleash their formidable strength in deep waters, putting on a spectacular show upon reaching the boat. Indulge in the rich, white fillets of Cobia, perfect for grilling or pan-frying, adding a savory dimension to any culinary adventure.

Embrace the excitement of unexpected encounters during our offshore fishing charters in Miami, where Cobia reign supreme as prized additions to the cooler.

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Experience unforgettable moments on the water with our fishing charters. We provide everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable time, allowing you to focus solely on making the most of your fishing adventure!

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