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Grouper fishing

Peak Season: June-December 31
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Wreck Fishing, Patch Reef Trolling
Best Bait: Big Plugs, Goggle Eye on the bottom
Table Fare: Good


Grouper fishing in the waters of Florida offers anglers an array of species to pursue. Among them, black grouper stand out for their impressive size, with some specimens exceeding 70 pounds. Renowned for their intelligence, black grouper demand patience and skill to hook and reel in. Sporting striking patterns of black blotches against a backdrop of gray or black, these formidable predators boast formidable fins and cavernous mouths capable of engulfing prey in an instant.


For those seeking to hook into big grouper, a variety of methods prove effective. Deploying large live baits or jigs baited with dead offerings proves fruitful when targeting the deeper reefs and wrecks where black grouper often lurk. In shallower waters, smaller grouper seek shelter beneath coral ledges and rock formations, ambushing passing prey. Employing heavy jigging tackle armed with 80-pound braided line and sturdy monofilament leaders provides the necessary strength to wrestle these powerful fish from their hiding spots.

During the winter months, our crew at Double Threat has discovered that grouper can also be found in shallower waters around patch reefs, with sizes ranging from 5 to 30 pounds on average. Trolling techniques using ballyhoo and large deep-diving plugs like Rapala Magnums and X-Raps have proven effective in enticing grouper to leave their sanctuary and pursue our baits. Equipped with Penn 6/0 Senators spooled with 40-pound monofilament line, we cover ample ground and are prepared to pull the fish away from their lairs once they strike.

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