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Golden Tilefish FISHING

Peak Season: September-November, April-May
Best Charter: Half Day Offshore
Best Technique: Live Baiting
Best Bait: Goggle Eyes, Pilchards
Table Fare: Good when smoked


These swift predators patrol the reefs ranging from 60′ to 150′ depths in search of their next meal. Kingfish come in various sizes, from slender 5-pounders to hefty 50-pounders, offering a thrilling experience on light tackle. While they may be elusive on the troll, they announce their presence dramatically when kite fishing in Miami, shooting out of the water at impressive speeds. During our deep-sea fishing charters, we frequently target kingfish by deploying live baits at different levels of the water column.


Hooking into these fish can be challenging as they slash at baits and sometimes miss the hook. They tend to get hooked easily, and it’s advisable to fight them with a light drag to avoid losing them. Due to their sharp teeth, wire traces are essential as they can effortlessly slice through monofilament leader. Kingfish are highly responsive to chum slicks, and larger specimens rarely pass up the chance to strike at a lively blue runner or goggle eye. Fall often provides excellent action with smaller ‘snake’ kingfish, while the bigger ‘smokers’ are more prevalent in spring. Using light spinning tackle is the most enjoyable method when fishing the edge, provided you have sufficient line capacity to handle their initial runs. Otherwise, light conventional gear is more than capable of landing even the largest individuals.

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