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Peak Season: May-August
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Live Bait on the Bottom
Best Bait: 4-inch Pilchards
Table Fare: Excellent


Sporting a vibrant pink hue, the Mutton Snapper dwarfs its relatives in size and cunning. These elusive creatures roam the offshore reefs and wrecks south of Fowey Light, where anglers deploy live baits, jigs, and dead baits to entice them. While often encountered as bycatch during yellowtail and mangrove snapper chumming sessions, Mutton Snapper prefer to lurk beneath the frenzy, seizing upon small chunks and pieces that drift to the bottom.

Successful Mutton Snapper fishing in Miami involves employing various techniques. Anglers typically drop a live bait or ballyhoo chunk to the seabed with a heavy lead and 15-30ft of 50lb Fluorocarbon leader. Concealing a 4/0 Owner Mutu-Light circle hook within a ballyhoo plug or live baitfish helps prevent spooking the wary Muttons.


Our endeavors primarily focus on wrecks and artificial reefs off Miami’s coast. In the Keys, we employ similar tactics, incorporating vertical jigs and ballyhoo jigs to target Muttons along deeper reefs and wrecks. Drifting allows us to cover expansive areas effectively, canvassing entire ledges or wreck structures. Mutton Snapper sizes range from 3-20lbs, with our largest catches landed on both bait and jigs, affirming the efficacy of both methods.

During the summer full moon, Muttons congregate along the shelf to spawn, presenting prime opportunities for bait and lure enthusiasts. Fishing for Mutton Snapper in Miami during this period can yield notably larger specimens. Renowned for its stark white flesh, Mutton Snapper is widely hailed as the epitome of snapper cuisine.

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