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Peak Season: Depends on Charter
Best Charter: Offshore Wreck Fishing
Best Technique: Fishing the Wrecks
Best Bait: Live Crabs
Table Fare: Good


Resembling African Pompano, permit are commonly found around deepwater wrecks as well as shallow flats. In Biscayne Bay, we target permit along channel drop-offs near flats using light spinning tackle. These fish are less wary under these conditions and readily take shrimp-tipped jigs and bouncing crabs in the current. A true test of skill is sight casting to a pod of permit as they move along shallow flats, where they often feed on crustaceans and mollusks. The sight of their dorsal and tail fins breaking the water’s surface signals their presence. In the ocean-side flats of Key Biscayne and the lower Keys, permit can be spotted feeding on crabs among Sargasso weed. Their silvery sides gleam as they swim horizontally to catch their prey. Permit pose a challenge for even the most experienced saltwater anglers in shallow water due to their sensitivity to noise, often fleeing at the slightest disturbance.


Offshore of Miami, permit exhibit different behavior, often congregating in large schools around wrecks during spring. They may shoal near the surface, offering opportunities for sight fishing from a boat. These schools typically circle the wreck within 50 feet of the surface, occasionally venturing deeper. Other species like big rudderfish, bar jacks, and jack crevalle may also inhabit the wrecks where permit spawn, but their distinct golden hue sets them apart. When fishing wrecks for permit, heavy tackle is essential to contend with sharks and goliath grouper drawn by the presence of the schools. Using heavy spinning rods with 30-40lb monofilament or 50lb braid reduces fight time, increasing the chances of landing more fish. For leaders, 30-40lb fluorocarbon works well, paired with 6/0 heavy gauge circle hooks for casting at wary fish or one ounce jigs with heavy gauge hooks for deeper presentations. Whether marking schools on the sounder or spotting them near the surface, presenting a crab bait is key to enticing permit bites. Permit are formidable opponents, testing light tackle with their powerful runs and drag-burning fights. With weights reaching 30lbs or more, permit fishing charters in Miami and Flamingo offer exciting opportunities depending on the season. Contact us to book the right charter to target these prized fish.

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