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Step into the realm of mystery with Pomfret fishing, where these enigmatic creatures lurk in the depths of the continental shelf, shrouded in secrecy. While their peak season remains elusive, the allure of Pomfret beckons adventurous anglers to embrace the challenge of Daytime Swordfishing, venturing into the abyss with Deep Dropping techniques.

Pomfret, shrouded in mystery, evoke intrigue with their resemblance to permit fish, adorned with darker features that set them apart as one of Miami’s most unique catches. Though their habits remain largely unknown, their world record weight of approximately 22 pounds hints at their potential and the promise of a delightful culinary experience.

Encounters with Pomfret often occur as a serendipitous bycatch during buoy rod fishing sessions, typically deployed around 1000 feet deep while targeting swordfish. It seems these elusive fish prowl the depths alongside the deep scattering layer, displaying a penchant for larger prey such as bonita bellies, thanks to their surprisingly robust mouths.

While the methodology for reliably targeting Pomfret remains a mystery, their presence adds an element of excitement to sword fishing expeditions, sparking curiosity about their habits and behaviors. Perhaps with time, further discoveries will unlock the secrets of Pomfret fishing, paving the way for future adventures and deeper insights into these captivating denizens of the deep.

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