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Peak Season: Year Round
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Wreck Fishing or Patch Reef Fishing
Best Bait: Shrimp on Patches, Jigs deep
Table Fare: Excellent


The radiant coppery hues of the Red Grouper adorn the small coral heads and limestone crevices that it calls home. Unlike its larger relatives, Red Groupers rarely exceed 15 lbs in size. However, their diminutive stature belies their eagerness to strike jigs and baits presented close to or along the seabed. Anglers often employ a bouncing technique to enhance the bait’s appeal, eliciting spirited fights that make them prized targets on light spinning gear.


For jigging, a five-foot leader of 50 or 60-pound Bullbuster monofilament paired with 50lb PowerPro braided line proves effective. The sensitivity of braided line enables anglers to detect strikes in deep waters and swiftly extract the grouper before it can retreat into its lair. Despite their smaller size compared to Black Grouper or Goliaths, Red Groupers offer exhilarating battles and boast delectable flesh.

Red Groupers can be found in waters as shallow as 10 ft during Patch Reef Charters off Miami, extending down to 150 ft near Triumph Reef and in the Dry Tortugas further south. Whether deep jigging offshore Miami, bottom fishing in the Keys, or drifting in the Gulf, various techniques yield fruitful results when targeting Red Groupers.

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