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Peak Season: Summer
Best Charter: Evening-Nighttime Tarpon/Snook
Best Technique: Fishing Inlets, Casting Mangroves
Best Bait: Pinfish, Lures
Table Fare: Excellent


In the vibrant waters of Miami, snook reign supreme, hiding amidst an array of structures from mangroves to fallen trees, bridge pilings to sandbars. Eddying currents created by various structures provide ideal ambush spots for these prized game fish. Whether prowling Flamingo’s coves or Miami’s urban inlets, snook are ever-ready to strike.

Fishing in Flamingo involves pitching artificial lures and bucktail jigs across mangrove points, enticing snook lurking in the shadows. Bait is often unnecessary, with light spinning tackle armed with braided line serving as the weapon of choice. Rigged with 40lb monofilament leaders, anglers target barnacle-encrusted structures where snook lie in wait.

In Miami’s urban setting, snook populate the inlets, bridges, and canal systems near South Beach, especially around Haulover and Government Cut. Breeding-sized specimens eagerly inhale live baits, requiring offshore-grade spinning gear filled with braided line and sturdy leaders ranging from 60-80lb.

The warm summer months offer the best opportunity to target snook, as they detest cold water, which drives them deeper and dampens their appetite. Ranging from 3 to 50 pounds, snook are easily recognizable by their thick black lateral line, attesting to their acute sensitivity to vibrations and movement.

For those seeking nocturnal adventures, nighttime snook and tarpon charters present an enticing prospect, promising encounters with lunker snook and silver kings right in Miami’s backyard. The mullet run season adds further excitement, providing ample opportunities to hook these prized game fish.

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