Sunny Fishing Charters


Peak Season: May-October
Best Charter: Full Day Inshore
Best Technique: Working Channels
Best Bait: Jigs, Lures, Live Bait
Table Fare: Good


During inshore excursions in Biscayne Bay or the abundant grass flats of Flamingo, the spotted seatrout often joins the fray. These ambush predators masterfully blend into the sea grass beds, remaining perfectly motionless as they await unsuspecting prey. Their green backs adorned with countless dots break their silhouette, camouflaging them from most fish and shrimp until it’s too late. Light tackle fishing charters in Biscayne Bay reveal significant numbers of trout thriving amidst the lush grass beds of South Bay (and even North Biscayne Bay for those in the know) and the less frequented spots of Flamingo.


In our fishing guide service at Flamingo, anglers deploy both artificial and natural baits on light spinning tackle to entice trout. Presenting offerings in water depths ranging from 1 to 10 feet, where trout often congregate, proves fruitful. While seatrout can grow to sizes exceeding ten pounds, trophies are typically recognized above the 4 to 5-pound mark. However, the abundance of smaller individuals ensures a fast-paced action, with catches of up to 40 fish a day, compensating for their diminutive size. During colder months, the bite may slow, but larger specimens are more likely to be on the prowl as they bulk up for breeding season. Conversely, warmer months prioritize quantity over quality, with smaller fish dominating the scene. Seatrout generally don’t necessitate a leader due to their non-abrasive mouths, yet inshore Flamingo or Biscayne Bay charters often yield diverse bycatches. Jacks, snapper, barracudas, sharks, and even snook and tarpon may intercept your bait before a trout does. Employing 20 to 30-pound monofilament usually ensures a secure hook-up, as heavier lines might deter the trout. Despite their notorious sliminess, seatrout offer delectable white meat that shines when pan-fried.

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