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Peak Season: Fall (Can be Caught Year Round)
Best Charter: Swordfish Charter
Best Technique: Deep Dropping During the Day
Best Bait: Squid and Belly Baits
Table Fare: Excellent


Renowned as the gladiator of the deep, Swordfish populations have remarkably recovered since their perilous decline in the 1970s. Stringent regulations on longlining have played a pivotal role in this resurgence, particularly in the Florida Straits. Swordfishing Charters in Miami offer both daytime and nighttime excursions, each presenting unique challenges and rewards. This is heavyweight angling at its pinnacle, demanding stout tackle and unwavering dedication. While patience is paramount, the thrill of battling these majestic creatures is unparalleled, and their succulent flesh is a delectable reward.

These apex predators inhabit a distinct ecological niche, favoring deep waters near canyons and valleys within the 1200-2000 foot range. Although these regions may seem desolate on the surface, they teem with life below, including squid and other deep-sea denizens. Swordfish engage in vertical migrations, ascending to the surface at night and descending to the depths during the day.

In the realm of the swordfish, darkness reigns supreme. By day, they seek refuge in the lightless depths, emerging to hunt under the cover of darkness. Their sensitivity to light stems from their evolutionary adaptation to the deep-sea environment, where light often indicates the presence of prey.


Daytime swordfishing has evolved into a well-established technique, initially pioneered in Venezuela before gaining popularity in the Florida Keys and South Florida in the early 2000s. Today, South Florida remains a premier destination for this adrenaline-fueled pursuit, offering some of the most productive swordfishing grounds year-round.


Broadbill swordfish are highly migratory, traversing tropical and temperate waters from Venezuela to Nova Scotia in the Atlantic alone. Their daily vertical migrations coincide with the movement of billions of baitfish, creating one of the most awe-inspiring spectacles in the natural world.


Daytime swordfishing demands meticulous rigging and heavy-duty tackle to target these formidable creatures in their deep-sea domain. Employing specialized electric reels like the Hooker Electric 80 wide ensures anglers can handle the intense battles that ensue. With daytime swordfish averaging 100lbs and often exceeding 300lbs, every encounter is a test of strength and skill.


Nighttime swordfishing presents a stark departure from its daytime counterpart. Drifting multiple lines over offshore humps and canyons under cover of darkness offers a chance to entice these nocturnal hunters. Rigged squid and live bait are strategically deployed at varying depths, enticing swordfish that prowl the depths in search of prey. Hooking into one of these magnificent creatures under the cloak of night promises an unforgettable adventure, with the possibility of encountering specimens weighing upwards of 500lbs.

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