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Unveil the excitement of Tripletail fishing, reaching its peak during the balmy days of summer. Embark on a thrilling Full Day Offshore Charter, where the art of sight fishing reveals the elusive beauty of these prized gamefish.


Tripletail, renowned for their delectable taste and formidable fighting spirit, are coveted denizens of Miami’s waters. Their affinity for structure and penchant for surface dwelling make them a captivating target for anglers. Whether drifting near offshore debris or cruising along canal markers inshore, Tripletail captivate with their unique behavior and elusive nature.


Prepare for the challenge of Tripletail fishing, where finesse and strategy reign supreme. Armed with jigs, flies, shrimp, and ballyhoo, anglers entice these cunning adversaries with well-presented baits on sturdy leaders. In the backcountry, a variety of offerings prove effective, from jigs to cut bait, catering to Tripletail’s discerning palate.

Offshore, the game changes as Tripletail swarm around floating debris, presenting both opportunity and challenge. While enticing them to strike isn’t typically an issue, navigating through the plethora of bycatch demands skill and precision. Pitching a whole ballyhoo emerges as a strategic solution, enticing legal Tripletail while circumventing the nuisance of unwanted fish.

Indulge in the reward of a successful catch as Tripletail grace your table with their exquisite flavor. With their remarkable taste and thrilling pursuit, Tripletail stand as a testament to the allure of fishing in Miami’s bountiful waters.

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Experience unforgettable moments on the water with our fishing charters. We provide everything you need for a memorable and enjoyable time, allowing you to focus solely on making the most of your fishing adventure!

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