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Peak Season: May-October
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Deep Dropping
Best Bait: Bonito Chunks, Squid
Table Fare: Excellent


Schools of vermillion snapper thrive on the deeper reefs and rocky bottoms, typically residing in waters ranging from 250 to 400 feet deep. The primary technique for targeting these snapper is “deep dropping” using chicken rigs. A crucial aspect of successful vermillion snapper fishing lies in having a quality bottom machine. While a 1kw transducer suffices for most, our 3kw chirp transducer offers unparalleled visibility, practically allowing us to count them. Utilizing the bottom lock setting (zoom), we meticulously scan for rock piles or other forms of structure at the correct depth. Once a promising area is identified, we deploy 20-40 pound class rods and reels equipped with multiple hooks straight to the seabed.

What makes vermillion snapper fishing truly remarkable is the ability to catch significant numbers swiftly without the need for anchoring. This flexibility enables us to engage in kite fishing for big game and trolling during half-day trips while still securing a respectable snapper haul in under 20 minutes of fishing on most occasions. The angler’s role in this technique is straightforward: send the bait to the bottom and anticipate an instant bite at our preferred spots. The primary challenge often lies in contending with predators such as amberjack, barracuda, and sharks vying for the snapper we’re reeling in. Nevertheless, snapper fishing is an enjoyable pursuit, and vermillion snappers are renowned for their exquisite flavor. With a minimum length requirement of 12 inches, they are ideal for oven cooking whole, providing a delightful culinary experience.

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