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Peak Season: January-May
Best Charter: Full Day Offshore
Best Technique: Kite Fishing
Best Bait: Goggle Eye for Whites
Table Fare: Poor compared to gamefishing value

While deep-sea fishing in Miami, the possibility of encountering a marlin always adds excitement to the adventure. During the spring, a brief window of opportunity arises when White Marlin can be hooked while kite fishing for sailfish along the edge. Often found mingling with packs of sailfish, White Marlin share a similar habitat. On exceptional sailfish days in the spring, encountering White Marlin multiple times is not out of the ordinary. Occasionally, a small blue marlin may join the fray. White Marlin, generally smaller than their Blue counterparts, typically weigh in under 100 pounds. Despite their size, they are known for their tenacious fighting spirit, swiftly transitioning from acrobatic leaps to deepwater tussles.


Overall, Florida’s white marlin fishery is relatively modest compared to destinations like the Bahamas or the Eastern Seaboard during the summer months. While White Marlin catches off Miami are more incidental, they remain a thrilling possibility. For those seeking more robust marlin fishing opportunities, exploring trips to the Bahamas is recommended. Locations like Chub Cay boast fantastic marlin fisheries, particularly during the spring season, making it one of the Caribbean’s premier destinations for achieving a grand slam, comprising catches of three billfish species such as white, blue, and sailfish. The conventional method for targeting marlin involves trolling with naked ballyhoo, accompanied by dredges and teasers. Given their discerning feeding habits, meticulous attention to detail in arranging the spread is essential. Despite being smaller in size, White Marlin are renowned for their spirited demeanor, adding allure to any angler’s pursuit.

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